Labasint Forest - land view


The development phase of the Labasint Forest area continues in 2022 with the wellness spa project and the glamping project.
The main developer, Agro Sirena S.A. owns 80% of the total area of the zone, and aims to continue the development of real estate, tourism and productive projects in the heart of the forest. Being a location close to the city of Timisoara, as well as to the Traian Vuia International Airport, the area represents a growing centre of interest.

Labasint Forest benefits from a complex and functional tourist resort, AgroVillage®, which brings a great advantage to the area through the facilities it offers.

Every year, cycling and mountain biking competitions are organised due to the area’s large surface area.
The main goal is to develop the picturesque area of Labasint Forest, where you can live, or where you can visit the beauties of nature with multiple facilities such as accommodation, restaurant, swimming pool, spa, ATV rides.

For all the projects being developed, Agro Sirena S.A. has searched for technical solutions that, from a dimensional and aesthetic point of view, will integrate and blend harmoniously into the local countryside.

Phase 1 – Information Research – phase completed


The initial step of the project was the searching for a place that fulfilled all the requirements for AgroVillage®: an uncontaminated natural region in an urban design that allowed residential development, easily accessible, adjacent to an urban center, with strong infrastructure, and airports.

The enormous Labasint clearing, with 1,000 hectares surrounded by forest, a few traditional cottages, and the gentle slope of the hills of Western Transylvania, with a more moderate temperature than inland and higher locations, showed from the very beginning to be the appropriate location for our project.

Surrounded by the wilderness areas of the Carpathian Mountains, Labasint is close to five main cities in Romania with a combined population of over one million. The distance to the Traian Vuia Timisoara International Airport is less than one hour by car. There are daily, low-cost flights to Bucharest, the capital of Romania, as well as to the most important European airports in Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Phase 2 – Land acquisition – phase completed

The acquisition of the building land required for the project started after the research and selection phase of the ideal location was completed. With the completion of this phase, Agro Sirena s.a. now owns more than 80% of the total buildable area in Labasint, and a total area of more than 1 million square meters of land included in the communal PUG, as well as agricultural land, orchards, pastures, and forests.

Labasint Forest Lots Map

Phase 3 – Development of the area – phase in progress

Labasint Forest Lots Map

After the land acquisition phase, the first tourist and real estate structures were built, always with strict observance of the principles of respect for the sites and of the existing sites, with particular attention not only to the desired aesthetic result, but also to the protection of the environment from an ecological, historical, and cultural perspective.

Starting with the design phase, technological solutions were taken that, dimensionally and aesthetically, would be and harmoniously incorporated into the rural environment of the locality, keeping, where appropriate, the possible, existing constructions, and inserting everything new in a fresh way.

Respectfully, using antique timber beams, tiles, and bricks. Eco-compatibility and energy efficiency were top priorities while choosing building materials and technical solutions.

The area development project includes the addition of the following amenities, an modernised wellness center and spa, and a fully functional glamping area for year-round use.


Glamour camping, or eco-friendly living based on direct contact with nature without sacrificing comfort, is on the increase globally.

The AgroVillage® Glamping is now in development and will feature big tents on elevated wooden platforms, equipped and decorated with designer furnishings.

The tents are spacious and equipped with all the amenities of a hotel room, including mattresses, bedding, closets, mirrors, and private bathrooms with showers. Glamping is possible throughout the year because many tents are equipped with heating systems.
A camping that is secure, comfortable, and ecological, immersed in the natural landscape of the valley, is the most genuine and direct way to experience nature.

Wellness center

Wellness & Spa

The project foresees the development of a wellness and spa centre on an area of more than 1,000 square meters, equipped with all the latest innovations in the health & wellness segment, and destined to become one of the key elements of AgroVillage®, also exploiting the thermal and mineral water resources of the area, which are very abundant.

In partnership with the appropriate sector’s primary structures, a medical centre specializing in analysis and nutritional awareness will be added to the spa as part of a holistic approach to the well-being of the individual, which understands that body care begins with nutrition.

Production activities

With large areas of agricultural land at its disposal, located in an absolutely uncontaminated and particularly water-rich area, where there are also many spontaneous species of interest for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

One of the components of the AgroVillage® project foresees the establishment of highly profitable niche crops, including by accessing EU funds and involving institutional partners, research institutions, companies and private investors at various levels, bringing together the different stages of production and processing under the AgroVillage® brand.

Labasint Forest Production

Benefits of Labasint Forest

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In the heart of an area of 34,000 hectares of woods and pastures.

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Area rich in microbiologically pure water springs.

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Environmentally friendly and energy-saving building systems.

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Access to the A1 Arad-Bucuresti motorway is just 19 km away.

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Only 30 minutes from Timisoara International Airport.

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Numerous tourist facilities in the locality.


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Personalized financial solutions.


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Excellent investment opportunity.